25C3 is over…

Two members of our team had the fun of attending the 25th Chaos Communication Congress (25C3) – “Nothing to hide”.
The quality level of several talks, spread during the 4 conference days, proved to be very high.

Below some presentations, related to Mobile Security, that we found particularly interesting:
Locating Mobile Phones using SS7 by Tobias Engel: showed how it can be possible to remotely locate Mobile Phones by ‘using’ SS7 protocol.
Exploiting Symbian by Collin Mulliner: provided information on the exploitation of stack buffer overflows on the Symbian platform.
Attacking NFC mobile phones by Collin Mulliner: insights on the security of NFC mobile phones and related services.
Hacking the iPhone by MuscleNerd, pytey, planetbeing: the very technical in’s and out’s of of iPhone unlocking and jailbreaking
Running your own GSM network by Harald Welte and Dieter Spaar: Building a ‘personal’ GSM network, without investing billions, now has been put in the realm of possibilities. But..running it without proper care and permissions could generate some unwanted legal side-effects 😉

Additional talks that we really enjoyed:
Chip Reverse Engineering by Karsten Nohl and starbug: how the reverse engineering of functions and algorithms buried in hardware, can be achieved.
Analyzing RFID Security by Henryk Plötz and Karsten Nohl: advices, tips, examples and more for working on RFID security
Predictable RNG in the vulnerable Debian OpenSSL package by Maximiliano Bertacchini and Luciano Bello: elaborating the consequences of the predictable RNG Debian flaw. Vulnerability overview and attack demonstration along with a lot of fun.

Details regarding a previously unknown vulnerability on Nokia phones, named ‘Curse of Silence’, have been released by Tobias Engel.
An attacker can prevent vulnerable devices from receiving SMS messages until a Factory Reset is performed.
Advisory details and video

Happy New Year!!
Mobile Security Lab

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